Bouquet Love: Naomi & Floragraphica

Have you been thinking about how you can make your bridal bouquet live on after your wedding day?

Well let us introduce you to Floragraphica, and the new way to preserve your bouquet after your wedding day. Elise meticulously documents bridal bouquets and presents them back to her couples as a series of photos that live on well after the wedding.

In the above pics, you’ll see how the beautiful bridal bouquet we designed for Naomi on her wedding day was recreated into a beautiful set of artworks. Naomi’s bouquet was full of so many spectacular blooms such as; king proteas, scabiosa, lissianthus, flannel, veronica, sims, amaranthus & queen annes lace. The flowers have all been photographed and presented in such a beautiful and creative way.

Elise, you’re a genius coming up with such a beautiful idea and a way to have these bouquets live on for our lovely brides!